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Criminal case can have a devastating effect on your child’s future and self-esteem. A qualified juvenile criminal defense lawyer can help to minimize the impact on your child’s life. The law firm of Attorney Pamela DiBello provides compassionate legal advice and aggressive representation with extensive experience in Los Angeles, San Bernardino & Orange County juvenile courts. The law firm of Ms. DiBello strives to help juveniles charged with crimes to move forward with their lives in a positive direction by mitigating the consequences for juvenile offenders. It is essential to hire an attorney with extensive experience in handling juvenile criminal matters. As the managing attorney for the Pomona Juvenile Defenders, Ms. DiBello has successfully represented thousands of minors charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses.

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We practice in all juvenile courts of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties. Contact our juvenile criminal defense lawyers for a free consultation to discuss how we can limit the consequences of an arrest.

Juvenile Court Process

For most offenses, a youth who is alleged to have committed a crime while under age 18 will be tried in Juvenile Court. For certain violent crimes or high-level felonies, the District Attorney may petition the court to have the youth tried as an adult. In that case, a Fitness Hearing will be held on whether they will be tried as an adult or whether they will remain in Juvenile Court. The Law Office of Pamela DiBello will fight to keep your child in Juvenile Court.

Minor’s charged in Juvenile Court do not receive “convictions” if the charges are found true. In Juvenile Court it is called a “sustained petition”. On a sustained petition in Juvenile Court, the child may be released to the custody of parents, placed in a group home or treatment program, detained in Juvenile Hall, sentenced to a boot camp or imprisonment in the Division of Juvenile Justice. Sentencing depends on the nature of the crime, criminal history, and other factors considered by the judge.

We make every effort to get charges dismissed by challenging physical evidence, witness statements, and violations of the juvenile’s rights in traffic stops, arrest, search and seizure, or police interrogation. We are also skilled at negotiating a plea to lesser charges that avoid detention. For first offenses and many other cases, we can plea bargain for informal probation with a dismissal at the end of 6 months to a year and a sealing of the juvenile record. In more serious cases we may obtain probation, restitution, fines or community service. At a later date, we can petition the Juvenile Court to have records sealed to avoid implications for employment or college applications.

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We specialize in the juvenile criminal justice system with many years of experience. Ms. DiBello is a compassionate, yet aggressive juvenile defense attorney who knows how to gauge the strength of the prosecution’s case and strike the best deal with the least consequences for your child.

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